Brandon Hung

Carnegie Mellon University ECE, Class of 2021

Student,Maker,Robot Lover,Recreational Math Do-er

Name: Brandon Hung

Credentials: CMU Class of 2021

Areas of Study: Major ECE, Minors CS, Robotics

Interest and Hobbies: Learning, making, reading, math competition problems, hiking, Muay Thai, guitar


Computer: Proficient in Python, C, MATLAB, LaTeX. Experience in ROS, computer vision, robot kinematics and state estimation.
Electrical: Basic experience in circuit design and SystemVerilog synthesis.
Mechanical: Basic experience in SolidWorks, machining, and woodworking. Proficient in laser cutting and 3D printing.
Mechatronics: Proficient in Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and rapid prototyping.

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About me

Welcome to my site! My name is Brandon, a Senior at Carnegie Mellon University. I am currently working towards a B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering and a minor in Robotics.

My primary interest is in developing intelligent systems for robotics. I'd like to develop robust, reliable robots to help us make life easier. I am also passionate about cross-discipline learning and experimenting, particularly in seeing how ideas from different fields can be used to enhance others.

Outside of class, I am an officer for the CMU Robotics Club. To make up for all the time I spend sitting in front of a computer, I like to go walking/hiking, practice Muay Thai, and work on projects in the wood and metal shops.


Least Squares Method

Math Musings: View GitHub for detailed explanation!
5 June 2020 GitHub

The Chaos Game

Math Musings: View Github for detailed explanation!
11 Mar. 2020 GitHub

Lagrange Interpolation

Math Musings: View Github for detailed explanation!
9 May 2020 GitHub

Mobile Robot Programming Lab

Robotics: See YouTube for Demo!
1 Dec. 2019 GitHub YouTube

Linear Inverted Pendulum Walker

Robotics: See YouTube for Demo!
10 Apr. 2020 GitHub YouTube

Backpack Mounted Robot Arm

Robotics: See YouTube for Demo!
28 Nov. 2017 GitHub YouTube